Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association

MAC URISA 2018 Conference
MAC URISA 2018 Presentation Types

Moderated Breakout Session

Moderated Sessions are groups of three presentations that are grouped together into one theme by conference organizers. Each presentation should last approximately 20 minutes with a five minute question and answer session to follow. Laptops with Microsoft PowerPoint will be provided in each room. Please let us know if you will require any additional IT support for your presentation.

Individuals, groups, and specialty groups may hold pre-organized sessions for MAC URISA 2018. Pre-organized sessions are a great way to bring colleagues together to discuss current topics and to advance your field. Organizers should have session participants submit an abstract and list which other presenters (up to two) you wish to partner with in a pre-organized session.

Panel Session

Panel Sessions consist of four to six participants discussing a topic relevant to Geospatial Technology in our region. These are 75 minute discussions among the panelists and audience. Formal presentations are not part of panel sessions.


The GIS Techspo is a forum showcasing technology, not necessarily the projects associated with them. The Techspo is a great opportunity to share your knowledge by demonstrating a process, technique, application, or website.

These presentations are less formal than a moderated session. At scheduled times, each presenter will give a demonstration and field questions. The sessions will be organized by websites, applications, tips and tricks, and tools for developers.

Poster Contest/Map Gallery

Posters and maps are a great way to share your projects and experience with others along with a wonderful opportunity to get ideas for improving your own maps. All attendees are invited to register a map or poster for the contest. Prizes will be awarded for the best maps/posters at the conclusion of the conference (1st - $50, 2nd - $35, 3rd - $20). MAC URISA 2018 Conference Committee members are ineligible for cash prizes but can still submit their work. Only one entry per person is allowed.

Posters shall be of professional quality and be clearly legible from a distance of four feet (4'). Please limit your submission to a maximum size of 30” x 40”. Text should be limited to brief statements. You are responsible for bringing your poster or map mounted on foam board, display easels will be provided. Posters will be displayed in the vestibule prior to entering the exhibit hall.

All attendees of MAC URISA 2018 will be given a ballot to vote for their favorite poster. Ballot box will be at the registration table. Winners will be announced during the Thursday evening banquet, as well as on our website. We are still accepting submissions, click here to submit your poster or map.


Workshops are full or half day instruction which provide classroom learning opportunities for all skill levels. Workshops will take place on Wednesday October 24th. Please include the intended audience in your abstract.

All instructors shall provide a digital copy of the workbook to be used during the class. Please let us know if you will require any additional IT support for your workshop.

Lightning Talk

Lightning Talks are your chance for five minutes of fame! One person will present a rapid-fire lightning talk about your exciting innovations and ideas that use GIS. Each five minute presentation should spark your peers' creativity and get them motivated about new ways to use GIS technology in their projects.

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